Translation of the Marathi poem साद पावसाची आली (Saad Paavasaachi Aali) by शांता शेळके (Shanta Shelke):


We have two translations: first a poetic translation, and then a free translation.


Poetic translation:


The Rain

The rain gives the call and

the earth responds with a shiver;

The two, the earth and sky

drench in a love fever.


Thick black clouds roar and rumble

Blue peacocks muse and mumble;

With thousand eyes in the tail

They stare at the ethereal river.


The green mingles in the blue

So the egrets deck the blue (sky)

An ecstasy reigns on the earth

as water streams below.


Over drenched forests

Clouds songs sing;

Silent sentiments of the heart

Find a wordy wing.


Rapt and quiet, the earth

Softly smiles in the green

The streams fleetingly fling

a flying kiss in the sheen.


Heaven and earth meet

Showering love on each other

Union of Blue and Green

The world watches in wonder.


Free Translation:


This poem is based on a common event the rain, but the poet converts it into a romantic metaphor.

On the first day of the monsoon, (as Kalidas describes in his long poem मेघदूत (Meghdoot) beginning आषाढस्य प्रथम दिवसे) it rains, and the parched, starved earth, receives him with an eager shivering embrace, as if the two, the sky and the earth, fall in love at first sight.

The thick dark clouds thunder above and the peacocks mumble with pleasure below. The thousand eyes of the peacock in his tail stare at the sky in wonder.

As the emeralds get embedded in the blue velvet, the white egrets (or cranes) stand out flying across the blue sky. Streams of water rain down on the earth and an ecstasy is born.

The forests get drenched; the clouds softly rumble as if the unspoken sentiments in the heart find a soundful expression.

Satiated and happy, the earth smiles with her green shining grass as the flurries of rain kiss her fleetingly (in a touch and go action).

The earth and heaven meet, the rain linking them together, and the world watches entranced, their consummate delirious union.

Every action in the sky is reciprocated with a responding reaction by the earth and this is a unique example of romance in Nature.