Emissary of Love



The egg leaves the warmth of home

And starts rolling

In search of love

It is loaded with all sort of goodies

And enticements for its lover


It pushes through a long winding tunnel

That is narrow, dark, and wet

Like a rollercoaster it pulsates and roars


The egg rolls on undaunted

Watching in all directions

For its legendary lover

A lover known to be eager and passionate

A lover with whom the egg would

Create the wonder of new life!


Days and weeks pass

And the egg rolls on

And yet there is no relief to its quest

It is almost the end of the tunnel

And yet there is no light


The egg, now tired under its own burden

And crushed by disappointment

Begins to self-destruct

The egg blows up just as the tunnel ends

Into a squirt of dark red lava

Shaking its master – the woman – in her foundation


But, just before its rupture, the egg

Sends a short note home, to love’s next emissary

Saying “don’t give up!”

And another egg prepares to roll out

On its mission of love and procreation!



Abhay B. Joshi