"Music is in my veins" she told her teacher

Who showed her tempo and form, notes major

And minor, the pitch to hold on to dear


But off-beat she sang, notes came off the chart

A stream of feelings claiming no art

You gotta hear her because

She is really a freelancer at heart!


Supple as a snake "she oughta learn gym n sport"

Bend now, not then, and always stay on court

She suffered those rules of various import


Her real thing was to dance and not give a fart

Whirling n twirling n jumping was her art

You must watch her because

She is truly a freelancer at heart!


"Literacy is a must" so books she read

Jammed grammar and punctuation into her head

She even wrote essays, diaries until she bled


But words to her were matter of the heart

Poems of an unruly sort placed her apart

You must read her because

She is quite a freelancer at heart!


Off she was sent to college for a degree

Then to toil at temples of profit in spree

Climb the branches of the corporate tree


She quit it all and ran home to do her art

Gigs and jobs she did, she chilled in part

No wonder about that because

Isn't she finally a freelancer at heart!


She was married off into a rich household

The man was steady and stable just a bit cold

Happiness was all hers if she fit in the mold


Yet off she ran with a ruffian upstart

For adventure and romance but little comfort

She accepted all and more since

She is purely a freelancer at heart!




Abhay B. Joshi