Sounds of the Ocean


The singer sings in a deep melodious voice -

"White sandy beaches"; his closed eyes rejoice


His shirt sways gently and guitar strums silken

The Hawaiian man croons "the sounds of the ocean .."


A lovely girl dances, in standing waves of hula

Her face aglow in memories, eyes curved like viola


A dark red dress wraps above'r knees, low in front

Head to toe she pulsates easy like a young serpent


It's the time of "Breakfast by the Pool" for guests

Seven in the morn, and they are all set to ingest


Men and women munch on croissant, muffins and yogurt

Pay scant attention to the man in the Hawaiian shirt


They flinch when his sweet voice rings a high note

Little kids dance hula and imitate the girl they dote


Some stare at the undulating curves of the woman

And the man sings "with the sounds of the ocean"


The blue pacific yonder holds its roar and listens

It whistles softly with the tune, its water glistens


The fiery orange ball above pauses and gazes

A grey cloud spent overnight hangs low and praises


"Sounds of the ocean" - says the man's voice with caress

About him oscillates in hula steps the girl in red dress



Abhay B. Joshi