Sounds of the Ocean


The singer sang in a deep melodious voice -

"White sandy beaches"; His guitar strummed chords silken

His Hawaiian beach shirt swayed gently as he

Closed his eyes and crooned "the sounds of the ocean .."


A lovely girl danced, her body in standing waves of hula

A dark red dress wrapped her above'r knees and low in front

Her eyes n face glowed with thoughts of the magical land

From head to toe she pulsated smoothly like a young serpent


It was the time of "Breakfast by the Pool" for tourists

Men and women munched on croissant and muffins n yogurt

Just seven in the morn, and they lunged at the goodies

And paid scant attention to the man in the Hawaiian shirt


Some glanced at him when his sweet voice rang a high note

Some stared at the sensuous undulating curves of the woman

Little kids admired her and tried to imitate hula steps

And the man chanted "dancing with the sounds of the ocean"


Across the street the blue pacific held its roar and listened

The fiery orange ball rising above the hills paused and gazed

A cool breeze on its way to the seas whistled in tune

Grey clouds spent overnight hung low, whispered and praised


"Sounds of the ocean" - the colorful man closed his eyes n chanted

About him oscillated in hula steps the lovely girl dressed in red



Abhay B. Joshi

April 2014