At the moment of celebration

Convention urges me to peek at the traversed track

But my heart whispers to me to accept the present

and that there is no looking back


With the passage of time

the burden of wisdom grows on my shoulder

Yet I embrace the impulse to shrug it

all off and go forth anew and bolder


“Peace and happiness and safe enjoyments”

my friends advise, "that's what you deserve!"

I marvel at my foolishness and dare not disclose

My secret urge to fall in love!


I watch the colors of the seasons and

feel the shivers of the distant wind they'd bring

But I take heart in and accept the truth that

Every autumn and winter is followed by spring!


I heartily receive o my friend your wishes

I gaily accept the perils of adventure and renewal

I reject the tyranny of time and

Resolve to flirt with the devil long as I am able!



Abhay B. Joshi