Aimless life


The Gurus told me - "Son, to succeed

You oughtta have objectives and focus!"

Alas, my life's been a series of distractions

Aimless, without purpose, a casual circus!


My mind wandered, to the untiring sparrow

Building its nest in unattached delight

I could not help but be drawn to

The mellow clouds turning purple in the twilight


I was distracted easily when the lightning

Thundered on the dry thirsty horizon

I was unable to turn a blind eye to

The Ficus bloom, the rains from the heaven


I was powerless to the inducements of love

And its limitless sensuous invitations

I succumbed freely to the mysteries

all around, to life's ceaseless temptations


I failed my gurus - clearly - who asked me

To strive for goals and focus!

I indulged instead calls of diversions

Endless, beautiful and delicious!



Abhay B. Joshi