Flowers with Awareness!


The fairy of enlightenment on her merry way

visited the Garden, and spilled a bit of dust

of awareness; And the flowers became mindful at once!

Of their beauty, their fragrance, their importance


They rejoiced their high status and power;

Being the very life of the "State of Garden"

They saw the lowly way of the bees and flies

They riled at their abuse and their lies


Aware now, they saw the dismal, brazen bees

Attacking randomly, carelessly, selfishly

Lifting the honey without asking and gratitude

Leaving behind stings, and stamens unglued


"No more!" the flowers said and barred the bees

from their wanton pillage; Banned them

from the honey and the silky fragrance

Refused access to their fine internals!


The pretty flower in the corner, though

now aware too, like all others!

It made more honey in a flourish

Since that's what the bees did cherish


It sang happy notes with colorful colors

With a rousing scent, it opened wider and higher

To attract bees whose impulse was the purest,

To seek those who flew higher than the rest!


The flower became aware of its purpose,

of everything, of the passion of the bees too!

It did all things as before, but with awareness,

And reveled in the dance of nature, no less!




Abhay B. Joshi