Darshan1 in the time of Digital Love


I follow you on instagram, snapchat and twitter

Of your Facebook page I'm a regular visitor


Oft I finger the capacitive screen in my lap

And feel tiny tingling shocks at every tap


Over and over again I send you text messages

Adorned with emoticons and silly adages


I wait anxiously for the gadget to beep

Hailing arrival of a text or a call on skype


I click "download email" with eager intent

For the haiku of love you might have sent


The smartphone sleeps; I rub and wake it astir

Surely an update is just around the router?


As I drive to work glancing at the phone

In panic I see the network bars fade to none


Your pixelated face on the screensaver

Is just what I need to keep cool n sober!


Comes the coffee shop! I rush in for its wifi

And lo! There you are buying tea and apple pie!


Your dark brown hair sparkles, flows free

"Hi" I cry, you turn around, notice my entry


Dark red lips part and play their magic

And smile at me unlike any Facebook pic


Your arms open ever so slightly and beckon

I let go the gadget, it falls, beeps, vibrates

I dash ahead to connect with you

And drown myself in a flood of updates!


1. Darshan is a Sanskrit word meaning “seeing, meeting someone - especially someone with superior qualities”.



Abhay B. Joshi