Desert flower


A lovely desert flower surely it is

Its thirst no rain or dew can appease

It is sustained not by the soil, but

Solely by the sun's love with the seas


The flower has no earthly purpose or obligation

It feeds no bee nor adorn a woman's bun

Just another flower hidden among millions

It stands for itself, and is a substitute for none


Special it is because it is so uncommon

Dreams of such a flower though sees everyone

No one has ever seen it or smelled it

You should feel lucky if you have it in your garden



Abhay B. Joshi


Poet’s note: A special friendship is like a flower bloomed in a desert. It is a “desert flower” because it exists in adverse conditions. It does not exist to fulfill any “social” or “family” definition or need. It does not exist because you needed a spouse, a parent, a sibling, a friend, a boss, or anything like that. It is essentially a “bonus” relationship – a beautiful addition to the existing relationships, not a substitute. It exists in its own circle with an undefined priority. Because it is so rare, it is also very precious. People dream about having such friendships, but very few manage to experience it.