Draupadi's men



O Yudhisthir,

So straight, stoic and dull is your life

You hold my nerves in times of strife

Alas o king, why you had to malign

My love and bet me off like a gold coin!


O Arjun,

Prince of my heart, master of song n dance

Truly wondrous are our spells of romance

If only I could hold you now and again

Away from your friend and your countless women!


O Bheem,

On your strong chest my burning head I lay

How sweet is the blood of my enemies you slay

You are mine, a true admirer, who'd shed a tear

And pamper me with his tender love and care


O Nakul,

The charming dark knight of grace!

How I love thy respectful embrace

How you shower on me your love and praise

And how you heal me with your tender gaze


O Sahadev,

The youngest of all, and my keenest find

Secrets only I know of your inward mind

How you let me nurture and care for you

Hold you to my bosom in thy moments of blue


O Karna,

The strong, glorious and anguished warrior!

Why it is so, that your ardent gaze I so desire!

Why, the female in me so craves your fiery heart

And possess you, when fate keeps us so far apart!



Abhay B. Joshi