I had a dream …


Tired and bored, I fell on the bed

Thoughts of chill heavy in my head

A dreadful long night it did seem

But soon I saw a wonderful dream


The day was dawning across the sky

Trees were waking with a shiver n’ sigh

The sky was bright, blue and clear

But for a few flakes here and there


I was high up floating on my wing

Swirling and twirling and starting to sing

Would my search end, I mused aloud

Sweeping coolly through a shiny cloud


There you were on the pink horizon

Smile on the lips and arms wide open

Indigo eyes and cascading hair

Face was glowing with love and care


“Come my dear” I think you said

Leaping with cheer I plunged ahead

All my misery came to a rest

In your kiss and gentle embrace


Lightly you carried me by your hand

Towards a heavenly beautiful land

“Just you and me” you softly whispered

Everything around me just disappeared



Abhay B. Joshi