Epiphany is defined as a moment of realization.

It's almost like Enlightenment,

When you realize the truth of something;

The real story; what was really meant.


For a long time you think

Someone is a great friend of yours.

You even think there is music between you;

You hope the friendship will gain force


Then there is that dreadful long period when you don't

See each other; except for a couple of hours once -

You chit-chat in a fast moving train. For long

You are separated by a reality called "distance"


Then the cause is removed, your friend is back

In town. You even send a poem to welcome her.

You start planning the much-awaited meeting

Where you can pick up the bits n go further


Days pass by. From the friend you sense a lack of intensity,

Eagerness. Not even a hint of interest in meeting,

Connecting. In catching up with you;

In closing the gap you find so vexing


That's when the epiphany hits you: you may

Have a one-person list. Your friend's is a long one,

Sorted in the order of priority and

You just have to wait for your turn!



Abhay B. Joshi

October 2014