Evening by the lake


On this evening, wintry and cold

To the vacant park, I easily stroll

Save for you, holding my hand

There is in sight, nary a soul


Pensive ducks are, at the beach

Picking bugs, without a screech

The lake reflects, dull gray light

From a steady expanse, out of reach


A cool breeze moves from the water

Passing over us, sending up a shiver

I stretch my arm, and pull you close

And feel your body, warm and tender


Just a few feet, from the lake

We sit on a rock, and enjoy a break

You look around, conscious and wise

And recite a short poem for my sake


From the lake rises, the evening star

We rise too and, drift to our car

Rapt in thoughts, we slip away and

Bid farewell to, the park from afar



Abhay B. Joshi