The Fifth Sense

Our sense of sight is misleading yet overused

As if real things - trees, water, cloud -

Weren't enough!

We invented screens to stare, ogle, judge

From dawn to dusk to their glare

Our eyes are constantly glued

Our sense of hearing is never quiet

The songs of birds and winds of late

Have all but ceased!

But we have the clamor of modern life.

Sounds thru electronic earbuds -

Our eardrums they ceaselessly buffet


Our ability to sniff does overwhelm

With so much to smell!

As if the scent of flowers, of soil, of bodies

the real things wasn't enough

We invented perfumes, potions

And pollutants to inhale


The appetite of our tastebuds!

Fruits of nature sweet, tangy, salty, and onwards

Do not satiate them!

So we invented diets and cuisines

Under the blitz of samplers, buffets, instant snacks

The tongue need not pause between words!


All these senses working so much

How about our sense of touch?

The most trusted and true

The sense of love itself!

Starved of attention

Has it been forgotten as such?


For, why do we throw emojis and gifs

And not go the mile to be face to face!

Why do lovers type and text and not

Enjoy the warmth of a tight embrace

Let us awaken our Fifth sense, give it respect

Let it once again be the ace of all senses!



Abhay B. Joshi