Goddess and Devotee



She is the woman and he's her man

She is yin and he's her yang

She is the lover and he her beloved

She is the purpose for which he is made


Most of all tho' she is his goddess,

And he is her devotee


Enchanting is her temple, and it is only his

A world away from the world that seemingly is

A hidden wonder for those who believe

A place of beauty mere mortals can't conceive


Where, she is his goddess

And he is her devotee


Inside her temple what she gives he takes

She rejoices his gifts till her heart aches

Who is worshipped and who is blessed

The distinctions become vain and dead


But always, she remains his goddess

And he her devotee


His heart is full of passion and romance

Keen is he to show her the love's dance

Eager is he to steal her away, and still

Wait at her door he does until ...


She makes a sign, since she is the goddess

And he only her devotee


No matter her deepest wish, on occasion

Leave her temple she must, and run

To tend the chores of the world outside

The wink of time she's able to be at his side


Content he is because she is his goddess

And he her humble devotee


Away from her a normal life he too lives

To matters of the world his all he gives

When she beckons him tho' he is ready

To drop everything and run to his lady


Who truly is his goddess

And he her beloved devotee


He is the man and she his woman

His love for her is mighty, wild even

His attraction to her is aching n fierce

But demand her favors he never does


Since she is the goddess

And he is her devotee!



Abhay B. Joshi