Hartman Park


Hartman Park is a dense little forest,

of towering pines and sprawling maple.

The soft new grass is fresh and moist,

Its blades tease an early spring beetle


A kid brother in the play-set nearby,

Shrieks at his older sister; the girl mellow n

forgiving as the pliant grass under me,

Their grandma smiles, serene under the sun


Sprawling down I look up, the wind whistles,

Shivering yet from the memories of winter;

Amid the tall green pines are patches of blue,

And a huge flotilla of white clouds astir


The clouds puff and heave, restless,

as though they still own the heavens.

The breeze gentle but firm prods 'em on,

Pushing them to the horizons


A vast sky lit up and low, beckons me to rise,

and feel the peace of my eternal home.

A brawny pine or is it my hand? soars straight up

Past the clouds and touches the deep blue dome!



Abhay B. Joshi

April 2014