His thoughts about her


She is a beautiful flower:

One that likes attention and is delicate in essence

One that wrinkles a bit if the air is foul and intense

One that attracts bees with its deep-seated incense


He loves her for her feminine traits:

Her sensitivity, her thoughtfulness

Her interest in life, her tenderness


He loves her for her feminine beauty:

Her body - delicate yet energetic, her legs - slender and feisty

Her pliant back and vibrant skin, her eyes - eager and lusty


He loves her for her sexual energy and vigor:

The energy in her heart, her warm hug - its ardor

The energy in her kiss, her crisis - its power


He loves her for her intelligence:

Her sense of humor, her insight, her prudence

How she reinvents, and disposes of wrong ideas at once


He loves her for the fairness in her soul:

Fairness to men despite their bad behavior and its toll

Fairness to the world despite its harshness and desire to control


She is a beautiful flower and he wishes that:

It will flourish and bloom

An electric softness it will assume

It will get more confident of itself, and self-reliant

It will sway on the wind, always spring back, and bear its brunt

It will let all bees enjoy its charm and allure

But always keep one singular bee in its special favor!



Abhay B. Joshi



Poet’s note: This is probably how every sensible man thinks about his woman.