Grievance of a Housing Society2

(That is, if it could talk!)


I give the man a house with solid walls and windows large

He feels mighty insecure and puts a high fence in charge


I give neighbors a shared wall so they won't feel lonely

Instead they harass the other with careless noise, and bully


I give the community a beautiful garden in the middle

"Where will I park my car now?" they complain and grumble


I give everyone enough water to drink, and bathe twice a day

"Why isn't there any to wash my darn car?" is what they say!


I give the woman handsome eucalyptus trees in her backyard

She hates the mess made by the dry leaves that they discard


I give the man the pretty vista of a hilly landscape

He worries about rain running down n clogging his doorstep


From the hubbub of city I give folks respite and quiet

Then a woman says – ".. this deathly silence makes me upset!"


I give the lady a 3rd floor flat for a gentle breeze

She complains that odors from gal below make her sneeze


I give cool and dark interior to the old man in the basement

He croaks that water leakage from lady above ruins his paint


I give the community a common area to meet and make friends

Fighting and bitching is always how their meeting ends!


Oh, I do pamper the urban man, try to give him comfort and joy

But, he is so implacable, hard to please, and easy to annoy!



1. A “housing society” is a community of bungalows and apartments.



Abhay B. Joshi

June 2014