Idylwood Park


Embedded in the tar pavement

Little lights blink and mark,

Cars stop where people cross

They step into a lovely park


Tall green pines stand at guard,

As you walk along a slopy way

It winds into a vast blue lake,

The evening where holds its sway


Water stands tranquil and still,

Reflects green and orange, dried

Specks of little lake-houses

Nestle on the lake's far side


The sky stares at the distant sun

With a hint of mist and deep longing,

Even though they both know their

Meeting is the next morning


Fish dart and jump and squirt

Ducks squirm and dip and quack

At home in the big free lake

Both seem merry and feel no lack


The wind is light, lazy and loose

The earth is soft and gently kept

The park is indeed idyllic and pristine

It's nature in meditation! Except ..


A yellow blot on water, no, a large

Motorboat speeds down from north

Shatters the mirror of stillness,

Shards of white spew forth


The boat roars, heaves up down

Men aboard flail and scream

The oath of collective silence

Now seems like a broken dream


A happy little fish down yonder

Not knowing better than to feast

Tangles into the bait of the hook

Of an idle standing hobbyist


Ducks in the little waves

Scramble n screech, fight like bums

As a naked boy shrieks, sniggers

And drops stale bread crumbs


Nature tries but man turns the screw

That's our little Idylwood park for you!



Abhay B. Joshi

October 2014