The Inscrutable Why


Why won't it rain when it is the monsoon season?

Maybe the clouds must go where the winds are in action

Maybe earth isn't thirsty nuf to want the precious drops

Maybe the rain'll gather n pour in a storm that never stops


Why won't the flowers bloom in my little garden?

Maybe they yearn for the bees to first come by the dozen

Maybe they forgot the moving cycle of seasons

Maybe they want to feel that wind of love just once


Why does the cuckoo sit in my tree but not sing its tune?

Maybe it sings only for a refined one and not for a buffoon

Maybe it is tired of singing the same song over and over

Maybe it is waiting to join in a symphony with its lover


And why doesn't my friend of a distant land write to me?

Maybe she's crafting a poem and in no mood to be chummy

Maybe she is too busy meeting life's demands on her

Maybe there is nothing special in me for her to remember!



Abhay B. Joshi

June 2014