What I love about you

I love that you are a woman.

I love the idea of you.

I love that I am in love with you.



She: How you pour

Your heart in

Things we do together!


He: "Pour" is the right cue

Because I am all liquid

When I am with you!


Love and life

Love and life

Which came first er

And made the other?


It rained

A spell of clear skies

Arrived the clouds then

It rained and it rained



We'll meet soon dear

It is on my calendar

That is how far I can

See into the future



He dreams up the words

She inspires the meaning

Poetry comes into being



As they struggle to stay close

Their fingers run amok, making

Sweet discoveries beneath the clothes



Limbs writhe, bodies squeeze

Lips lock

Kiss happens in rapid flurries



Entangled legs of lovers

Twist n turn like serpents

Leading to unknown adventures



A button here, a hook there

Rivers meet freely

Torrential and bare



Pressure of supple thighs

Warmth of chests

Hearts rejoice restful and wise



A ride of carefree intimacy

Leaves you both empty and full

Body rests, heart swims in ecstasy



She goes to a place and he follows

Their world moves with them

Unseen but close


You are

You are the shower that

quenches the desert's thirst

You are the lining that

lights up clouds that burst


You are the moon that

calms the trembling rabbit

You are the sight that

ignites my body and spirit



Where there is will there are ways

If there is desire action surely pays

For illness do what the doctor says

When speechless there is text message


Idle dream

For time immemorial elders

Like the Gödels, Bachs, and Eschers

Have been assigned to answer the

Ultimate philosophical bafflers


Now upon me it seems has fallen

An unemployed ‘hat-wearer’ baron

Who does nothing around the place

Man for the job! Finally the right one!

(concept provided by Raam Gokhale)



To be a total stranger -

Be disregarded - is better

Than to endure idle pity of

Those who don't really care



Photons live in the present

For 'em time is froze in any event

That's what Einstein uncle meant!



"Order, order" says the judge sleepy

"Yes milord" says the world loopy

Can anyone really stop entropy?


Lover's body

What an instrument!

You strum its strings

And feel music in your heart



Love is a bird

It clings to its favorite branch

As much as it takes to the blue skies


Wind and snow

Unseen air the wind is when it calls

Except when it's the snow that falls

And then you can see all its glory

Twists n turns, whirls and its waltz


Adam’s apple

Adam's thoughts were surely dirty

When he got an apple for his beauty

So while Eve got busy eating the fruit

He could hold her and do things naughty



"You make a lot of sense girl.

Does that make you sensible?

Or sensual?" "It depends", she

said, "On what guys can handle!"


Show and tell

"It is 24 July babe - when one

Can do things 24 by seven! 😉"

"More show than tell dude, things

Are easier said than done! 😁"


3 ways to be unhappy

When you don't get what you want

When you get what you don't want

And when you do get what you want!

(Do you get it?! 😉)



He: "Hay dear when can we commune?"

She: "Wait darling I will ping you soon"

He: "Ping me, poke me, bite me,

Do anything but save this buffoon!"



My hangover still continues

So do heart's tremors and woes

There's nothing to it my dear

These are but love's fair dues



I don't need to be the only one you seek

Not one you attend to every day and week

I just need us to share something special

Not commonplace, but inviting and unique



In the dark

I picture you at sunrise and sunset

And when the noon makes its mark

Wish I could say night too but don't

Recall how you look in the dark



Feminine dimensions - 1

Countless are dimensions of the feminine

Mysterious they surely are as they are fine

Charming they are as they are curious

Every one of them is a lovely curved line



Feminine dimensions - 2

Countless are dimensions of the feminine

Mysterious they surely are as they are fine

Fortunate it is to witness their beauty and

Be blessed by their affection - warm and divine




It is the rain

It falls again and again

It's the season of the rain!



The lonely moon

The lonely moon attracts lovers to its lane

Passion overcomes them, they shed all restrain

And the poor moon is lonely again!



The written word

Solid and crisp, the written word is a beauty

You can read it back and forth, watch it aplenty

You can caress it, imprint in your mind, unlike

The spoken word which drifts away into infinity



Autumn fog

Thick fog comes down the hill

Covers autumn foliage in the morning chill

Lovers hold and envelop each other

Under the blanket warm and still



She lay watching

          the clear sky in the west

He held her

          from behind, close to his chest

She felt warm,

          secure, free, and blessed


Photo effect

Her beauty tempted him, pulled him

To do things as yet unknown to him

She smiled and teased without a blink

Sitting in her picture, pretty and prim!



The sunshine

He eagerly opened her note when he saw the sign

"What does the sunshine do to you," said her line

"I do not know what came first," he wrote her back

"The sweet note of yours or the sunshine!"


Poet's note: Her note might be the cause of the sunshine!




A seeker will fulfill her mission

Tho' she may get lost in action

The true aimless are those who

Never give up home and caution

(Translation of an Urdu couplet)



The moon

The moon is round, bright and fair

With my darling tho' it can't compare

For all the hype by artists and poets

The moon is bald and has no hair




Silence is golden

And speech is a burden

But from a loved one

All words are silken



After the night

After the night of anxiety

The cherry blossom pleases

The soft wind soothes



Empty mind

The sky empties itself fine

The river flows full and blind

A full heart rises from the empty mind



Marriage and parenting

Marriage AND parenting

Causes of turmoil and hurting

If only we saw them instead as

Marriage FOR parenting!



If only

Couples argue, siblings fight

If only, for a minute everyone might

Become a stranger, go out of sight




Skirt - such a wonderful invention

Keeps the unfit off-limits on the run

And lets in only the worthy artist

To awaken music of love and passion




He and she lay on the couch

She said ouch, he said ouch

Then the couch beneath them said ouch



Comforter zone

Tangled with a warm body

          Squished flesh and bone

In lover's embrace

          It is adventure unknown

How can one leave

          Such a comforter zone





Welcome back!
You were gone missing

But for a month it is true

Coffee Town had lost its taste

Try no matter which brew


Sorry was one and all

Even trees and the lakes

Tales of their plight

Will easily fill these pages


But, lo! You have returned

Flying a thousand miles and some

With cheer we want to say

Welcome dear, welcome!




Climbing up

I climb up the steep slope of Belred*

Morning dew still heavy in the air

Dark grey sky peeks through firm fir trees

Workday is as foreboding as the dark pregnant clouds


* Belred is the name of a street in Redmond




Happy New Year

I am not an artist, nor
can I say nice little things
When it comes to expression
I am plagued by shortcomings


The new year kindles creation
of lovely songs and poetry
Greeting cards are exchanged
that are real works of artistry


Amidst such a commotion
I find it a little queer
that all I have, to say, is
Happy New Year!


It's not the words nor pictures -
that I care - not even the New Year
I need but an excuse to write
to the ones I remember!



Abhay B. Joshi

December 1993




Welcome to the 50s

We were once little kids

Growing on dosa, upama and cheese

We played, fooled n frolicked

Life was but a breeze


As grown-ups we knew no bounds

We roamed like wild geese

Collecting degrees, going places

We even tried some biz


Now it's time to bat steady

Not lose the wicket and stay at the crease

On with adventures but temper it

my friend, welcome to the fifties!



Abhay B. Joshi