Moon out in the dark


Late in the night I lay on my bed's fold

My mind was dim and the room bitter cold


Idly I bent, rolled the window shutters

And from deep space bluish and perverse


A full large moon turned to me its chin

A sea of white light gently poured in


Our eyes met! In dull surprise we stared

Unsmiling and sober, as hermits we squared


Alone in space - dark, vast, and blind

The resolute moon didn't seem to mind


Stuck to a wall by a nail both unseen

Yet its motion seemed steady and keen


Floating in that sea - ancient and cold

The bright moon did not shiver or fold


Its lips were a shadow and mouth was stern

But it said not a word of scorn or derision


I lay there my mind convulsed and low

The moon edged up slowly big in my window


Suddenly it smiled - faint but reassuring

Its light put me to sleep, soft and soothing



Abhay B. Joshi