Moon out in the dark


Late in the night I lay on my bed's fold

My mind was dark and the room bitter cold


Idly I bent, turned the window shutters,

And a flood of white light poured in

As a full large moon turned its chin

From remote space out there bluish and perverse


Our eyes met and in dull surprise we stared

Strangers on a lonely island, we looked unsmiling

All alone in space - dark, vast and blinding

And yet the moon looked sure and undeterred


Stuck to an unseen wall by an unseen nail

Yet its motion upward was steady and patent

Floating in the ocean of space - cold and ancient

The bright moon did not shiver or pale


Its mouth was stern and lips just a shadow

Yet it said no word of scorn or derision

I lay low, my mind deep in convulsion

The moon edged up its way slowly in my window


Its stone face changed into a smile - faint and reassuring

Its beam of light put me to sleep, warm and soothing



Abhay B. Joshi

November 2014