Nudist in a Suit

He is fully dressed top to toe

Does not feel its burden and who

Is ready to give it all a boot

Because he is a nudist in a suit


He always dresses tidy and fair

Never lets anyone ruffle his hair

Clean and dapper, he looks cute

When he really is a nudist in a suit


Free as a bird, quick as the wind

Nothing or no one really does him bind

Under those layers of clothing and boot

He is just a nudist in a suit


Flaming and willing lover he sure is

His lady he does know how to please

Shedding his layers he doesn't give a hoot

Albeit he is a nudist in a suit


Keen are his fingers, their beat innate

Enchanting songs do his lips create

She swoons at his side happy and mute

Drunk in her mystery is a nudist in a suit


Freed by his love she tugs at the tie

Smiles at the pleats and buttons thereby

He knows her look, and yet he won't refute

Since he really is a nudist in a suit


Oh! He is a real man, shy he is not

A loving invitation will change his lot

Simply and happily his cover goes kaput

After all he is a nudist in a suit


Freedom from clothing too cherishes he

The magic of bare skin sure loves he

But healing and liberation are his pursuit

And so he begins as a nudist in a suit


Playful, spontaneous and pleasing

Unattached, yet present and feeling

Delicate in love, fearless at the root

He is most of all a nudist in a suit!



Abhay B. Joshi