Opening up


In the half-glow of morning early

A bud sits now stretching and yawning

Not ready yet to begin its day

And has its mouth open just slightly


To the misty air and dewy flowerpot

Comes along a bee: restless and eager

Sidles close, to the soft lusty lips

Raring to go, yet pierce them it does not


Eager it is for a glorious union

Driven mad it is by its fiery passion

Yet the bee waits for the heart to be

Healed and for the petals to open ..


It hums a song with soft light hisses

Caressing the petals with its flutter

Gentle pressure of its wings all around

And teases the mouth with flying kisses


The bud wakens with a simmering moan

Its parts becoming soft and supple

Its petals shiver with the bee's wings

Opening slowly to a desire unknown


The crimson honey flows, hot in motion

The bud - no, flower - now full in its bloom.

The bee dives blindly into the warm honey

Joins the flower in a tempest of passion!


Healed was the flower by love's tumult and

Gone were the fears and its heart forever opened!



Abhay B. Joshi