The Outsider



He loves to visit the temples of God

Fathoming the symbolism, he feels awed

Music of the mantras makes him believe

After the sermon though he must leave,


Because he is really an outsider!


He joins the people fighting for justice

Shouts their slogans for rights and peace

Suffers with them the heat and the dust

Leave 'em to their fate at dusk he must


Since he prefers to remain an outsider!


He loves folk helping the needy and poor

For funds he gives his own, goes door to door

He even joins their troop to visit the slum

Yet sign up and one of 'em he won't become


Because he is truly an outsider!


He goes to concerts of the pop artists

Sways with the crowd and throws up fists

His heart is one with the music and the lot

Yet enlist in the fan club he would not


Since he is really an outsider!


He seeks people who meet and meditate

Soaks their wisdom and enters the "state"

He travels to retreats to feel the bond

Yet cross over he can't to their world beyond


Because by nature he is an outsider!


People gather and invite him in their middle

They feed him their food, play their fiddle

Watches he from a distance as they argue 'n debate

He gets the feeling of an outsider, which is great


Because in his heart he really is an outsider!




Abhay B. Joshi



Theme: He gets invited to various clubs, groups, activities. But he cannot become a member because at heart he is an outsider.