In the pitch dark



In the pitch dark the bodies seek each other

Like two magnets of opposing poles

The soft and the hard grind together

Strong becomes weak, mighty the weak grows


In the pitch dark modesty is a stranger

Instinct decimates fear and shame

Lust becomes love and love begets lust

The lovers go wild with none to tame


In the pitch dark lips forego all talk

They slither like hot and wet serpents

They hiss and bite and kiss and lick

And bare their joy with moans and grunts


In the pitch dark the bodies shed their skin

Warm flesh meets flesh simmering hot

A tight embrace calms the surging tremors

Pressing the bodies ever closer than naught


In the pitch dark the fingers go amok

They touch and glide over every eager cell

They press and squeeze and go round and round

Sailing up and down they leave a pleasing trail


In the pitch dark the limbs are off the hinges

They tangle and clasp and put a mighty hold

They fill in the spaces, slide up and down

In their midst sweet adventures unfold


In the pitch dark the bodies do not rest

There is no end to their hot romance

They express their love in creative ways

They do all they can in an inspired dance


In the pitch dark there is no sleep

The lovers unceasingly move, push and pull

Their energy flows in an endless flow

They are sleepless but their souls restful




Abhay B. Joshi