Sole Creative Act


Creative genius she was not

Pretty pictures she could never paint

The five steps of tango she scarcely got right

Tying words into a verse remained a constraint


Sparks of creation, alas, ever eluded her!

And yet she made a thing of utmost wonder ...


A universe of her own!


Not imagined, in fancy, but real as the real world

A glorious space just for her and a friend of her!

Not a spruced up nest, or a secret inn,

Tucked away hidden in a remote corner!


But a world of wide open spaces

Parks and meadows green, roads big n small

In the city, among the crowds

For all to see and yet unseen to all


A world where only rules of love rule

Where she is adored and admired

Where she needs no privacy and knows no fear

Where nothing is barred and every act seems inspired


Where the tyranny of time fades and space becomes still

Where lightness of being floats in the mist

Where the sounds and sights of the other world vanish

Even though they never cease to exist


Creative genius she was not

And yet she - and her friend - created such a wonder

A universe of her very own that is most dear to her!




Abhay B. Joshi