Tantric Love

The man praised her with his eyes as she stood

Apart from the world

Glowing with potential

With strong boundaries that did not threaten

Hands of her eyes extended, inviting

Him to fulfill his responsibilities

To keep his word.

He closed his eyes, dazed by her beauty.

Getting closer, slowly, gently

With the intent to worship her, the goddess.

He bowed, touched her knee with the tip of his nose

Picking lightly her delicate fragrance

Respectfully he laid his on her extended hand

His fingers lit up as if on fire.

He was not in control of his hand; she was,

As it ran over her soft, firm body.

He lost his hand and his body became his hands,

Touching all points of her body simultaneously.

He was unafraid to be a man,

And she was unashamed to be a woman.

She folded him the man without excuses

Into the feminine universe.


Attached to her exquisite skin, entwined

In her supple limbs, drunk on her wet lips.

Her sensations became his

Her quivers became his

Her crisis became his

Her energy became his.

She was alive and the man was reborn!



Abhay B. Joshi