Tender Love: A homage to DHL


Man and woman, descendants of a unified One -

Two beings split by nature, with slight differences

For the purpose of procreation, propagation of life


The two are programmed

By forces of sensuality, of sexual desire.

Man sees woman as object of pleasure

He yearns to subdue her sensuous curves

Tame her female spirit and ravish her womb.

Woman fears and craves man for his power

For his body of muscles and hard edges

She strives to surmount him, command his carnality

Enslave him to the cause of motherhood.


The two that were one before, are now

Joined by selfish purpose, and when blind lust

Seeks to douse the fire of passion


Once in a while though

Man falls in love with woman

His raw sensuality turns tender

Lust is preempted by unending wonder

Urge for a tearing crisis is tempered by

The desire to prolong touch, skin to skin

The woman in love is fearful no longer

Man is now a wondrous force

Soft and sharp by turn

Patient and yet unstoppable

Happy and always eager to please!


In tender sensuality man and woman

Who were once part of One

Become sexual soul-mates

And become one again!


Abhay B. Joshi