Unwanted guest


Someone comes to your house as a guest,

You accept him with trepidation and uncertainty,

He spends a few days and shows signs of being harmless,

You get slightly less uncomfortable,

A few more days go by,

You catch the guest in various positions of dress and undress

And you start getting curious,

Some more days pass by,

Your anxiety about when the guest is going to leave

Has now all but disappeared,

The guest senses that and starts entertaining you,

Occasionally you brush past him or bump into him,

You like the physical touch,

The guest smiles and says sorry,

Then the surprise evening comes when

The guest kisses you on your lips,

You are stunned, happy, confused, angry, and so on,

But you certainly don't wish the guest would leave,

And you start asking the guest questions about

Where he is from and where he wants to go next (or not!)



Abhay B. Joshi