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Portraits of interesting people

This is my tribute to some very interesting people (all real except one) that I have read about, heard about, or interacted with. Besides their achievements, what interested me most about them was their way of thinking, their personal philosophy, their approach to life.



  • Life of Nelson Mandela: These are my thoughts about this great person after reading his autobiography.

  • Leonardo Da Vinci: One of the most amazingly talented and gifted humans ever to live.

  • The Orangemen: A writeup about my stay in Syracuse back in the days. It is a collection of personal sketches and interesting events.


  • Benjamin Franklin: One of the most interesting founding fathers of America. A versatile personality with influential work in public service, diplomacy, science, and American independence. His biography by Walter Isaacson is a must read for everyone.

  • Portrait of Rashmi Kaku: This is a short sketch of my mother-in-law who showed that frail health need not stop anyone from leading a high quality life.

  • Bhopatkar Kaka: profile of a young old man.

  • Ashraf Khan: a most cheerful soul.

  • Ushatai Gadgil: homage to a most pleasant personality. (in Marathi)

  • Homage to Kaku alias Mrs. Asha V. Joshi: She personified dignity, beauty, and kindness.

  • Dr. Santpur: An "upright" man!











Articles related to Software Profession




  • How to deal with your boss? Boss is usually the cause of grief for many people. Here are a few practical tips on how to mitigate the grief.



  • Team Dynamics for New Hires attempts to analyze the desires of newcomers and the challenges they face, and offers a few suggestions on overcoming these challenges.


  • My entrepreneurial experience: This was written for a tech talk at a management college in Pune, and was used later for informal talks with groups within Aztecsoft.







Articles related to Computers in Education






Articles on random topics

  • Hindutva: My thoughts about Hindutva and the Indian heritage. (in Marathi)



  • Gifts of America: I went to America in the mid-1980s as a graduate student and ended up living there for 18 years. It would be foolish and ungrateful to say America had no positive impact on me. In this article, I have attempted to list a few things that I learnt/observed in that great land. The article was published in parts in Indian Express in 2006.

  • Banes of Indian School Education: This article was written on request (and in a hurry) from Indian Express for their Education supplement of 22 January 2007.

  • Pune and IT – will the romance last: This article was written on request from Indian Express for their “Pune City” supplement of November 2006. At this time, IT and Pune were experiencing their honeymoon period. The article tries to predict if this romance will last.

  • Favorite ghazals: This is a small collection of "appreciation passages" in which I have listed a few beautiful Urdu ghazals along with their meaning (according to me of course!).

  • Favorite Marathi poems: This is a small collection of a few beautiful Marathi poems along with my notes.




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