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Written by Prof. Dr. Bindumadhav Ganesh Joshi


  1. English Classics explained in Marathi: This is a collection (in book form) of about 25 classics (about half by Shakespeare and half by others). These stories were earlier written as a series in the monthly magazine of Pune's Senior Citizens called "Prajyot" during 2011-2012. The book contains such immortal classics as King Lear, Othello, Romeo and Juliet, Merchant of Venice, Iliad, Odyssey, and Pride and Prejudice.
  2. Travelogues: This is a collection of travelogues.
  3. About Kama: an article about Kamalakar G. Joshi, my older brother
  4. आजचे उत्सव -- श्रद्धेचे बाजारीकरण – an award winning essay about the state of today’s festivities in Maharashtra
  5. What keeps me healthy at 80? - माझे सहस्रचंद्रदर्शन
  6. Translation of the Marathi poem साद पावसाची आली by शांता शेळके
  7. India an emerging power: भारत मेरा महान है
  8. An award-winning Marathi essay माझ्या सुखाच्या कल्पना.
  9. Another award-winning Marathi essay: माझी सहधर्मचारिणी.
  10. A poem written on his 78th birthday: A Sonnet.
  11. Pain and pleasures of being a senior citizen: ज्येष्ठ नागरिक : सुख दुःखे
  12. Marathi Poem on "old age": वृद्धत्व : दुसरे बालपण
  13. Story of the bond between a grandmother and her grand-daughter: दुधावरची साय




Written by Prof. Asha Bindumadhav Joshi


1.     संत ज्ञानेश्वरांचे पसायदान: A lucid explanation of the beautiful poem by Sant Dnyaneshwar.

2.     मी समाजासाठी काय करू शकते?: Article about social work.

3.     मन करा रे प्रसन्न: Suggestions for obtaining peace of mind in old age.

4.     गुरूपौर्णिमा: A speech by Nirmala Purandare appreciating her teacher on the occasion of Guru Purnima.




Written by friends


  1. Story of our America trip (1999) by Mrs. Asha Vasudev Joshi (in Marathi)
  2. Story of my America trip (2007) by Shreekant Patwardhan (in Marathi)




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