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Philosophy for Everyone

Credit: Most of the articles presented here are based on the teachings/thoughts of Swami Devanand, who is a highly enlightened modern Guru. He is relatively unknown, and prefers to spend his time wandering alone about the world.


Swami Devanand has the innate ability to demystify some of the most intricate and seemingly unsolvable problems of human life. He is also an outspoken Guru and does not mince words while discussing sensitive subjects.


In his own words: “Everything I say below is only my opinion, which is based on my own experiences, or based on what I read, heard and observed. There are no absolute truths. These are things that appeal to me, and which I believe are worth thinking about, implementing in practice, and internalizing (in their essence) in our behavior.”


So, read by all means, but think carefully before adopting ...


Basic guidelines: Wouldn’t it be nice to have just a few simple rules to navigate the maze of life! These are the rules adopted by Swami Devanand.


My Core Values: Everyone needs a set of core values/principles as a guiding framework. Swami Devanand has set for himself values like Simplicity and Acceptance. A simple click would take you there.


My Basic Religious Beliefs: Audiences have pestered Swami Devanand about his religious beliefs. This article summarizes his basic ideas.


Life as a highway: Life has multiple lanes, and it probably makes sense to travel as many lanes as possible.


Tyranny of Time: It’s high time you read this article.


Purpose of Life: The perennial question and a practical answer.


About Relationships: The pros and cons, and a few simple rules to enjoy them.


Parenting: It’s an enriching experience, and can be made enjoyable with the help of a proper perspective.


Routine: Instead of making your life dull, “routine” can create long-lasting and unfettered freedom in your life!


Living in the moment: What does it really mean? Let’s think about it for a moment.


About helping: This is my philosophy of helping.


Keys to Feminine Happiness: This is of course from a man’s point of view.


स्त्रीच्या समृद्ध समाधानी जीवनाच्या गुरूकिल्ल्या: स्त्रीचे आयुष्य समृद्ध आणि समाधानी (fulfilling) व्हायचे असेल तर तिच्या आयुष्यात या लेखात नमूद केलेल्या गोष्टी असणे/होणे महत्त्वाचे आहे असे मला वाटते. (This is a translation of the above English article.)


Love and marriage: Discussion in response to a life puzzle often faced by women.


If I had a little money! A few random thoughts about Money and Wealth.


Body over Mind: The time has come to reassert the predominance of body over mind.


Miscellaneous: Questions and answers on various topics.


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