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Philosophy for Everyone

Credit: Most of the articles presented here are based on the teachings/thoughts of Swami Dev Anand, who is a somewhat eccentric modern Guru. Nobody has ever seen him, so, we don't even know if he is a real person.


In his own words: “Everything I say below is only my opinion, which is based on my own experiences, or based on what I read, heard and observed. There are no absolute truths. These are things that appeal to me, and which I believe are worth thinking about, implementing in practice, and internalizing (in their essence) in our behavior.


So, read by all means, but think carefully before adopting ...


Guru: Your quest to conquer this world must begin with adopting a Guru first. Here is one Guru that comes with very strong credentials.


Basic guidelines: Wouldn’t it be nice to have just a few simple rules to navigate the maze of life!


My Core Values: Everyone needs a set of core values/principles as a guiding framework. I have set for myself values such as Simplicity and Acceptance. A simple click would tell you more.


My Basic Religious Beliefs: Audiences have pestered me about my religious beliefs. This article summarizes my basic ideas.


Life as a highway: Life has multiple lanes, and it probably makes sense to travel as many lanes as possible.


Tyranny of Time: It’s high time you read this article.


Purpose of Life: The perennial question and a practical answer.


About Relationships: The pros and cons, and a few simple rules to enjoy them.


Parenting: It’s an enriching experience, and can be made enjoyable with the help of a proper perspective.


Routine: Instead of making your life dull, “routine” can create long-lasting and unfettered freedom in your life!


Living in the moment: What does it really mean? Let’s ponder over it for a moment.


Meditation: This is not a detailed manual, but offers just a few tips.


About helping: It helps to have a framework before you start helping.


Keys to Feminine Happiness: This is of course from a man’s point of view.


स्त्रीच्या समृद्ध समाधानी जीवनाच्या गुरूकिल्ल्या: स्त्रीचे आयुष्य समृद्ध आणि समाधानी (fulfilling) व्हायचे असेल तर तिच्या आयुष्यात या लेखात नमूद केलेल्या गोष्टी असणे/होणे महत्त्वाचे आहे असे मला वाटते. (This is a translation of the above English article.)


Dancing with a stranger: For a woman, falling in love is the best way to find her man. But, what if that doesn't happen!? This article attempts to discuss the pros and cons of living with a stranger – someone who was found by parents or through the dating ritual.


Love and marriage: Discussion in response to a life puzzle often faced by women.


If I had a little money! A few random thoughts about Money and Wealth.


Body over Mind: The time has come to reassert the predominance of body over mind.


Daily prayer: I view prayer as a way to remind oneself of what's important in life and what's not. Here is my own version …


Miscellaneous: Questions and answers on various topics. This also includes philosophical views of other philosophers which I found appealing.


Quotable quotes: These are not my quotes; it is just a collection of quotes that I have heard/read and enjoyed.




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Everything on this site is freely available for reading/viewing. If you are able to make money using any of it, be sure to send me a small cut. 😊


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