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English Stories


Twilight Toast and other stories: This is my first (and also the last as of now!) published collection of stories. If you don’t want to bother with the book and just wish to read the stories, click here.


Clueless: This is a story of an Indian woman and how her relationship with her professor/mentor evolves through the changes happening in her own life.


Sense of Amita: Amita had the good sense to know that she had met the right man to get started on her journey!


Adventures with My First Love: some interesting and thrilling experiences I have had with my first love. This is no fiction!


Disha Story: A few interesting anecdotes/experiences at Disha Technologies.


Stories of Warananagar: an amazing little town near Kolhapur, India.




English Poems


Birth of a poet – Contrary to what many people think, it is quite normal!


Force of love – Just a brief theory of this elementary force of Nature …


Desert flower – It is a very rare flower, you are lucky to have it!


Need juice – Without love’s inspiration things are not the same.

Making a difference – It depends on who you share the adventure with.


Mystery – It is the mystery that attracts us, keeps us interested.


Evening by the lake – a romantic wintry evening near the lake …


A plebeian dream – everyone needs this wonderfully pleasant dream!


Sacrifice – To allow lovers to carry on their business, someone has to make a sacrifice!


Freelancer: People try to mold her by their rules, but she won’t budge, because …


In arms – It is really up to you which way to send her!


Krishna’s dance – Krishna would love to dance with you!

When she comes to me – She becomes quite something else!


Surface area – Lovemaking could be anything, but it is not arithmetic or physics!


Aimless life – Clearly, I failed my gurus who said focus was essential for success!


Evening walk – Being with nature can do wonders!


Draupadi’s men – If you are familiar with the story of Mahabharata, you might appreciate this poem. It is really a metaphor for what different qualities a woman needs in her man (or men). Draupadi was lucky because she didn’t have to burden one man with all her expectations (which is what most ordinary women are forced to do!).


Nudist in a suit – A nudist in a suit is literally a man who is almost always fully dressed (with a smile) and even though he seems attached to his covers he is totally a free man: romantic and spontaneous.


Sole Creative Act – She wasn't a creative type and yet she created something quite unusual and wonderful!

Flowers with Awareness – The fairy of enlightenment sprinkles her dust on these flowers and see what happens! A possible metaphor for women?


Tantric Love – A beautiful meeting of the yin and the yang!


Death by kiss – A beautiful way to die!

Emissary of love – This emissary is the most original and the most natural one! He (she?) is relentless, tireless, and works in a team.


Opening up – it’s not a technical guide, but a poet’s understanding of how a flower opens up. It confirms the saying that the path of love begins from the heart.


Tender Love – This is an homage to DH Lawrence’s proposal of an ideal union of man and woman.


His thoughts about her – This is probably how every sensible man thinks about his woman.


The Fifth Sense – while we talk about the 6th sense and the 7th sense, have we forgotten about the 5th?


Goddess and devotee – This is how man and woman should consummate their natural calling.


Old Furniture – this house is really old, contains old furniture ..


On being dumped – It is not entirely an unpleasant experience!

Progression – For her, this is a most natural way to proceed …


Moon out in the dark – sometimes the moon out in the dark keeps you company


Idylwood Park – a lovely little park just down the road.


Sounds of the Ocean – do you hear these sounds?


The outsider – He gets invited to various clubs, groups, activities. But he cannot become a member because he is an outsider.


Acceptance – There are junctures in life when convention urges you to stop and look back ..


The Right Question – what is the right question a loved one could ask?


Prism – Newton was right – there are indeed many colors in the white sunlight!


Daydream of a North-westerner – the problem of being in the other place


The Urban Man – he is so difficult to please!


The Inscrutable Why – a few “why” questions!


Traffic Jam – is it always bad?


Epiphany – a moment of discovery.


Meeting at the door – I am sure everyone has experience of such a meeting.


Darshan – In the world of digital love, a real darshan is all too precious.


A Nerd’s evening – Nerds too feel strange emotions in the evening.


Unwanted guest – It is not all that uncommon that you receive such an unwanted guest!


Hartman park – In early Spring, laying down on the fresh grass of this lovely park is a special experience.


Invitation: Who can refuse such a beautiful invitation?


When I am with you: All sorts of beautiful insights emerge …


In the pitch dark: The mysteries that unfold in the pitch dark are endless and fascinating.


Transition: All of us go through such transitions in life.


Ick: Different ways of missing!


Even if you lose your way: Not all is lost. In fact, you may be lucky if you do.


Nowhere man: Feelings of an immigrant from an old culture.


Happy new year: A silly little verse for new year wishes.


Miscellaneous: A collection of short poems.




Marathi Stories


पुणे तिथे काय उणे!: According to citizens of Pune it is the most perfect place on Earth. Well, it could get even better according to this story.

अमेरिकेतली सत्यनारायण पूजा: God's mercy may arrive late but it surely does!


रूपालीतला एक पोरखेळ: Roopali is a popular hangout in Pune. This story of an unusual game some adults play is written with Roopali as the backdrop.


पुण्यातली एक संध्याकाळ: Happiness is usually just around the corner. But it takes a special evening to notice it.


अमिताचा संदेश: Amita was fortunate to meet the right man at the start of her journey.


लॉस एंजल्सविषयी थोडेसे: A snap-shot of LA as seen in 1989. Disclaimer: this is not a tourist guide!




Marathi Poems


दोनदाच – If you are afraid and doubtful you will miss out badly, because you only live twice (translation of the English song)


कोविडला शिवीगाळ – हो! शिवीगाळच! आणखी काय करणार?


माहेर – किती सांगू या माहेराची कवतिके!


बेरकी – प्रेमात सगळे माफ असते


उत्तर पत्रिका: एका अवघड प्रश्नाचे सोपे उत्तर!


कमतरता: एव्हढी अपूर्व सुंदरी, पण तिच्यातही कमतरता होतीच!


निष्ठुर सुंदरी – A heartless beauty.


तुझे प्रेम – What it does to me.


आधुनिक आईस – A modern-day male child scolding his mother.


ती आली – She paid the most unexpected and wonderful visit.


प्रेमाचा आविष्कार – An interesting perspective on the nature of love.


कमलपुष्प  - A beautiful Tagore poem in Gitanjali.


घेतलेली पायवाट – The choices you make in life make all the difference.


बर्फाळ सांजेला वनराईची भुरळ – The nature is beautiful and enchanting, but I need to keep moving.


अतिथीगृह – This being a human is like being a guest house.


जिथे मन भयमुक्त असते – An ideal place where a nation should start its journey.


तेजस्वी ताऱ्यासम – I want to be like that star in the heavens, but a little differently.


निर्दयी सुंदरी – To meet this beautiful woman is the fate of many a warrior and king!


सहज स्वीकार करू नकोस – Do not go gentle into the night!


विहरतो एकाकी मेघासारखा – The poet imagines floating like a cloud and is rewarded with a beautiful gift.


शिवारातली सुकुमारी – She sang an enchanting song while working in the field.


ओझीमांडियास – The strange story of an ancient wreck!


आज स्मित करणारे फूल – What happens to all the good things of today?


नकोस विचार करू, होतेय ते ठीकच आहे – A break-up is always hard, but here is one way to deal with it.


काळ बदलतो आहे – The times are changing, everyone take notice!


जग रीत – ही जगाची रीतच आहे. तिची माहिती करून घेणे केव्हाही श्रेयस्कर आहे..


आरस्पानी सौन्दर्यवती – स्त्रीचे सौंदर्य वर्णन करताना पुरूष कधीच कंटाळत नाहीत!!

असाधारण स्त्री – ही कुणी सामान्य स्त्री नाही! ती सांगतेय आपल्याला की असाधारण स्त्री म्हणजे काय प्रकरण असते!


आनंद आणि सुख – काय फरक आहे दोहोंत?


एक साधे जीवन – एका अ-साधारण आयुष्याचे सुंदर वर्णन!


विभक्त झालो आपण जेव्हा – कितीही वर्षे उलटली तरी प्रेमभंग किती क्लेशदायक असतो!


अजेय – कितीही संकटे आली आणि येतील तरी माझा अंतरात्मा अजेय आहे!


दुर्दैवाच्या फेऱ्यात असताना – कितीही प्रतिकूल परिस्थिती असली तरी मला तुझी आठवण पुरते.


उभी रहाते मी – सर्व प्रतिकूल परिस्थितीवर, मानवनिर्मित संकटांवर मात करून मी पुन्हा उभी राहाते.


सुसंधी - अशी कविता वाचण्याची संधी पुन्हा येणार नाही! 😉


आशा असते मखमली पंखांची: हा एक सुंदर पक्षी आहे जो प्रतिकूल परिस्थितीतही गोड गाणी गातो.


दिवस अस्ताला गेला आहे: आता वेळ झाली आहे एक कविता वाचण्याची!


प्रियकराच्या अपेक्षा: प्रेयसीकडून हा इसम बरेच काही मागतो आणि देतोही ...


माझे प्रेम: किती प्रकारे करू मी याचे वर्णन? शब्द अपुरे पडतात!


किरकोळ कविता: या सर्व किरकोळ प्रकृतीच्या आहेत .. म्हणजे काही बारीक, काही खुज्या!






Twilight Toast and other stories


Turkey Masala: Thanksgiving is a time when interesting things can happen!


Buffalo Wings: This is a story of two girls who are close friends from their college days. Their move to America creates an interesting situation.


Cooked in Princeton: Old knots get resolved when you go their source.


Cup of Music: An ordinary evening in the city turns out to be a life-changing one.


Dreamland Dessert: Have you ever dreamed inside a dream? This one could become true!


Freedom Cocktail: Beauty, music, and ambience … all these together can have a dramatic effect on everyone.


Nutty Breakfast: Everyone has a favorite place where they go for breakfast. But not everyone is just looking for food.


Passing the Spirit: Well, I really mean "passing the baton", but you will understand after you read this story.


Wine, wine everywhere: This is the story of a weird guy who spends a few years in the US and then returns to India with some unrealistic expectations.


Twilight toast: This is a tribute to Sam Mahableshwerwalla –a teacher that influenced thousands of students.



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