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English Stories


Twilight Toast and other short stories: This is a published collection of 10 short stories.


Portrait of Rashmi Kaku: This is a short sketch of my mother-in-law who showed that frail health need not stop anyone from leading a high quality life.


Adventures with My First Love: some interesting and thrilling experiences I have had with my first love, i.e. the automobile. This is no fiction!


Disha Story: A few interesting anecdotes/experiences at Disha Technologies.


Stories of Warananagar - an amazing little town near Kolhapur, India.


Bhopatkar Kaka – profile of a young old man.


Ashraf Khan: a most cheerful soul.


English Poems

These are mostly laboriously concocted pieces of work, with very little inspirational element. Nevertheless, here they are ...


Birth of a poet – Contrary to what many people think, it is quite normal! J


Freelancer: People try to mold her by their rules, but she won’t budge, because …


Aimless life – Clearly, I failed my gurus who said focus was essential for success!


Draupadi’s men – If you are familiar with the story of Mahabharata, you might appreciate this poem. It is really a metaphor for what different qualities a woman needs in her man (or men). Draupadi was lucky because she didn’t have to burden one man with all her expectations (which is what most ordinary women are forced to do!).


Nudist in a suit – A nudist in a suit is literally a man who is almost always fully dressed (with a smile) and even though he seems attached to his covers he is totally a free man, romantic and spontaneous.


Sole Creative Act – She wasn't a creative type and yet she created something quite unusual and wonderful!

Flowers with Awareness – The fairy of enlightenment sprinkles her dust on these flowers and see what happens! A possible metaphor for women?


Tantric Love – A beautiful meeting of the yin and the yang!

Emissary of love – This emissary is the most original and the most natural one! He (she?) is relentless, tireless, and works in a team.


Opening up – it’s not a technical guide, but a poet’s understanding of how a flower opens up. It confirms the saying that path of love begins with the heart.


Tender Love – This is an homage to DH Lawrence’s proposal of an ideal union of man and woman.


The Fifth Sense – while we talk about the 6th sense and the 7th sense, have we forgotten about the 5th?


Goddess and devotee – This is how man and woman should consummate their natural calling.


Old Furniture – this house is really old, contains old furniture ..


Moon out in the dark – sometimes the moon out in the dark keeps you company


Idylwood Park – a lovely little park just down the road.


Sounds of the Ocean – do you hear these sounds?


The outsider – He gets invited to various clubs, groups, activities. But he cannot become a member because he is an outsider.


The Right Question – what is the right question a loved one could ask?


Prism – Newton was right – there are indeed many colors in the white sunlight!


Daydream of a North-westerner – the problem of being in the other place


Grievance of a Housing Society (that is, if it could talk!)


The Inscrutable Why – a few “why” questions!


Traffic Jam – is it always bad?


Epiphany – a moment of discovery.


Meeting at the door – I am sure everyone has experience of such a meeting.


Darshan – In the world of digital love, a real darshan is all too precious.


Unwanted guest – It is not all that uncommon that you receive such an unwanted guest!


Hartman park – In early Spring, laying down on the fresh grass of this lovely park is a special experience.


Invitation: Who can refuse such a beautiful invitation?


Miscellaneous – miscellaneous collection of poems.


Stories – Fiction (Marathi)

Homage to Kaku alias Mrs. Asha V. Joshi: She personified dignity, beauty, and kindness.


Ushatai Gadgil – homage to a most pleasant personality.


पुणे तिथे काय उणे!: According to citizens of Pune it is the most perfect place on Earth. Well, it could get even better according to this story.

अमेरिकेतली सत्यनारायण पूजा: God's mercy may arrive late but it surely does!


रूपालीतला एक पोरखेळ: Roopali is a popular hangout in Pune. This story of an unusual game some adults play is written with Roopali as the backdrop.


पुण्यातली एक संध्याकाळ: Happiness is usually just around the corner. But it takes a special evening to notice it.


लॉस एंजल्सविषयी थोडेसे: A snap-shot of LA as seen in 1989. Disclaimer: this is not a tourist guide!


Marathi Poems

बेभान - Translation of a Tagore poem


उत्तर पत्रिका – Answer to a difficult question


निष्ठूर सुंदरी – A heartless beauty



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