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Learn 21st Century Skills through Computer Programming

Say YES to
- Creativity and innovation
- Interest in logic and mathematics
- Analytical and problem-solving skills
- Lasting friendship with the computer

Say NO to
- Rote learning
- Dumb facts and information
- Learning just to pass exams or get certificates



Power of Programming
Articles and papers about programming and learning.



Scratch Page
Main page for Scratch programming



Home Page
Main page for the CS teaching activity






Learn through entertaining programming projects
The idea is that children acquire valuable skills while they write computer programs! Computer programs that draw interesting artwork, design interactive animation and games, play with words, or solve math puzzles.

Interested in empowering your child?
Would you like to explore this novel idea that will have a positive impact on your child's future? SPARK Institute can help you take concrete steps in that direction.

Next Steps
Click Power of programming to read articles, reviews, and papers that will convince you that computer programming is indeed a fun, easy, and useful activity for children.

Visit our Scratch page to learn about the most exciting programming language designed for children.





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Last modified: 28 September 2016