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Snap! is a substantial upgrade of Scratch, developed at the University of California at Berkeley. Snap retains the fun and easy-to-learn flavor of Scratch and adds to it a more rigorous treatment of Computer Science. Snap! is ideal for fresh CS learners of high school and college age.

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Home Page
Main page for the CS teaching activity at SPARK Institute





Power of Programming
Articles and papers about programming and learning.




Scratch Page
Main page for Scratch programming.




Snap! Page
Main page for Snap! programming






Books on Snap! Programming

Learn CS Concepts with Snap is a perfect textbook for beginners. Combined with the supplement below, you have all the material you need to run one year-long or two back-to-back courses for yourself or for your students.

Practice CS Concepts with Snap is a supplement to the textbook above. It offers extra review questions and practice programs on all the concepts covered in the textbook. It is a free download.

Pen Art in Snap Programming for those who have basic knowledge of Snap and would like to become Pen Artists or so-called "Turtle Programmers".

Adventures in Snap Programming is a collection of 12 challenging and fun projects; each chapter explains how to design that program in a tutorial-like fashion. The book assumes decent familiarity with Snap and readers will learn ideas such as incremental development and object-oriented thinking.






Python Page
Main page for Python programming




Logo Page
Main page for Logo programming





Additional Exciting Snap! Programs

This is a collection of tutorials: most of which describe the design of interesting and challenging Snap programs. Some articles also address advanced topics about how to do something in Snap.

Library: Here, we list several commonly used controls and procedures, which can be imported by any Snap program. We have used some of these controls and custom blocks in subsequent projects.

Show string: This short program takes a word (string of alphabets) and simply displays it in a graphical format.

Scramble: This is a two-player game in which Player1 enters a word. The program then scrambles it up, and Player2 needs to rearrange the letters to unscramble the word.

Number table: Several programs require the display of numbers in a table format, i.e. in rows and columns. This program allows you to create a square table big enough to display natural numbers (i.e. > 0) up to a max that you specify. For example, if you specify the max as 75, the program will show a table with 9 rows and 9 columns, and display numbers 1 to 75 in this table.

Base converter: This program allows you to convert numbers from one base to another. We will allow bases 2 (binary), 8 (octal), 10 (decimal), and 16 (hexadecimal). It is a kind of educational tool to further our understanding of these number systems.

Snakes and ladders: This is a popular game in which players traverse a series of numbers 1 thru 100 and work through snakes and ladders along the way. You get to play with the computer!










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Last modified: 24 December 2021