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Python is one of the most popular languages today, and it is also one of the easiest to learn.


My objective for writing this page is to take Scratch (or Snap) programmers one step ahead in their programming adventure. In all the discussion below, I have assumed that the reader already knows Scratch (or Snap) programming quite well.



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Main page for the CS teaching activity at SPARK Institute





Power of Programming
Articles and papers about programming and learning.




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Python Books and Resources

This section is still "work in progress". Stay tuned



Additional Exciting Python Programs

This is a collection of articles: most of which describe the design of interesting and challenging Python programs. Some articles also address advanced topics about how to do something in Python.

Sieve of Eratosthenes: This program is basically an animation program that shows how the sieve of Eratosthenes works. There is no user interactivity required once the program is started. The animation initially shows a table of numbers 1 to N and then using the technique of Eratosthenes starts dropping numbers until only prime numbers are left in the table.

Tic-tac-toe: This program implements the popular two-player game. You play against the computer. This program has a graphical interface.

Sudoku solver: This GUI program can solve any Sudoku puzzle. It uses what is called the "brute force" or "exhaustive search" approach. In this, we basically try all possible number combinations until the correct one is found.

Solo chess: This program implements a popular board game that purports to "train" young minds for the game of chess. It uses a 4x4 chess board and only 10 chess pieces.

Eight queen puzzle: This program implements the famous eight queen puzzle in which you have to arrange eight queens on an empty chessboard such that none of them checks any other. The program has both "manual" and "auto" modes.

Zork: Zork is an interactive game of monsters in the dungeon. There is a multi-story dungeon in which the gamer needs to find a way to the room that contains the 'grand prize'. On their way, they may have to fight monsters, grab swords and magic stones, and move up or down the dungeon.






Python Page
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