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Scratch is the latest and the most exciting addition to the genre of “programming for children”. It was designed and is being actively enhanced at MIT USA.

To learn about the activities of the vibrant worldwide Scratch community visit:







Power of Programming
Articles and papers about programming and learning.



Scratch Page
Main page for Scratch programming



Home Page
Main page for the CS teaching activity



Scratch Classes:

I conduct Scratch classes for groups of interested students in Seattle, USA and Pune, India. I am in Pune in January and June thru August every year and in Seattle rest of the time. I also teach using Skype and Email.

Check out this flyer.

Check out this document for more details about the classes.

Please note that you will need at least 6 students each with his/her own computer and a place where they can assemble for the class.

Books on Scratch Programming
Learn CS Concepts with Scratch for beginners.

Advanced Scratch Programming for anyone who has the knowledge of Scratch and basic CS concepts.






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Last modified: 26 March 2017