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Logo was the first-ever programming language designed for the purpose of learning computational principles and was especially designed for children.


Seymour Papert of MIT was instrumental in the 1980s in using computer programming to test the learning theory of constructivism. He developed Logo to test out his ideas and it became a great success and became the precursor to languages such as Scratch.






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Books on Logo Programming

Logo Programming Part 1 introduces the Turtle and covers concepts such as repetition, procedures, polygons and circles, painting shapes, flowers and other designs, and drawing complex designs using "divide and conquer".


Logo Programming Part 2 goes on to advanced topics such as drawing curves, polygon designs, perspectives and concentric designs, use of random operator, animation, and recursive designs such as trees.


लोगो प्रोग्रॅमिंग भाग 1 is a Marathi translation of the English Part 1 above.


Click here for solutions to the exercises in the above books.






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